About Us

Spreading love and light in business and beyond.

LoveLight Global is the premier business strategy group for executive management teams who seek to build their impact and revenue.

LoveLight Global is where Innovation meets Intention in business and beyond. As premier business strategists, LoveLight consultants provide comprehensive services designed for executive management leaders who are committed to peak performance. In 2006, Helene Finizio, CEO and founder at LoveLight Global, set out to implement positive change and achieve successful outcomes in the business sector.

Using a Quadruple Bottom Line ® approach, Helene and her associates successfully implemented strategies with significant and measurable positive outcomes. These outcomes include maximizing effectiveness and efficiency within the organization, as well as significantly increased profit and value creation for our clients. Breaking industry standards, Helene and her team documented the financial, personal, global and spiritual transformation of companies that partnered with LoveLight Global.

LoveLight Global members and consultants use a strength-based approach to support the vision and mission of their client organizations. With an eye towards generative leadership, our consultants build and customize key strategies to fit each client’s personal and professional goals. Our team is a group of unique individuals with strong professional backgrounds that is motivated to help people and provide guidance with integrity, at every step. Confidentiality is of utmost importance at LoveLight, as a high bar of integrity drives our partnership.

The LoveLight Method: Strong wherever needed. Kind wherever possible.


The Lovelight Method is a system of excellence and effectiveness designed to maximize clarity of strategy, build profitability, and streamline top executive  leadership development.

We offer the opportunity to help identify obstacles, diagnose systemic interference, and prescribe concrete and measureable solutions

This system was designed by Helene Finizio, M.A.P.P. with additional support from colleagues including Andrew Newburg, M.D., Director of Research at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, Deb Giffen, Director of Executive Education and Financial Programs at Wharton School of Business, Ken Kreiger, CIO of The Judge Group, Greg Quinting, PhD, and Ruth Finizio, MBA to address numerous unmet needs of late-stage businesses, which have achieved a high level of success but want to operate at a level of efficiency and personal satisfaction.

Simply stated, the end result is one where our clients will add value to their respective industries, make meaningful and lasting changes within their business and quality of life, and connect with others in business and beyond.

More impact, less stress.